Ed Fallon's Bakken Pipeline Walk

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March 2, 2015 - April 20, 2015

Beginning on March 2, 2015, Ed Fallon will walk 400 miles following the path of the proposed Bakken Oil Pipeline. He will walk from the southeast corner of Iowa to the northwest corner of the state, meeting with landowners and others to talk about the importance of respecting farmland and the imperative to stop the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure projects. Follow his walk on this page of the Fallon Forum website.

On Wednesday, March 11 Iowa Physicians for Social Responsibility held a fundraiser dinner and meet & greet for Ed Fallon's Bakken Pipeline Walk! Donate Here:

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UPDATE: On April 22, Fallon Concludes 400-mile Pipeline Walk with Earth Day Rally – Lawmakers to speak regarding eminent domain bill – Fallon to announce major new grassroots initiative on pipeline On the morning of April 22 on the Big Sioux River in Lyon County, former State Rep. Ed Fallon will conclude his eight-week, 400-mile walk along the proposed route of the Bakken oil pipeline. This accomplishment will be celebrated with an Earth Day Rally to Stop the Pipeline onWednesday, April 22 at 5:00 p.m. on the west State Capitol lawn at Locust and E. 7th Street in Des Moines. Fallon will be joined by local supporters and by Iowa landowners he met during the walk. He will announce the launch of a major new initiative in the effort to stop the Bakken Oil Pipeline. Also, the chairs of the House and Senate Oversight Committees – Rep. Bobby Kaufmann and Sen. Rob Hogg – will speak at the rally about eminent domain legislation now moving through the House and Senate. The legislation would clarify that a merchant pipeline merely transporting crude oil across Iowa does not constitute a public use. The Earth Day Rally to Stop the Pipeline is co-sponsored by Climate Action NOW! and American Friends Service Committee.