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Please make check or money order payable to:

Iowa Physicians for Social Responsibility (IPSR)

20 E. Market St., Room 200

Iowa City, IA 52245


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Donate to Iowa Shares and Designate Iowa PSR as Recipient

Iowa Shares Iowa PSR joins Iowa Shares in 2005.

Iowa Shares is a statewide coalition of social equity, environmental and advocacy organizations which seek to create long-lasting, sustainable changes that benefit people and the communities in which they live. Iowa Shares helps support its member organizations by connecting donors though workplace giving campaigns.

Donors to Iowa Shares can select specific Iowa Shares' organizations to support. All designations are honored. If contributions are not designated, all members share the total amount. Eighty-six percent of all contributions go directly to support the important work of worthy organizations. Remember donations to Iowa Shares can be designated for Iowa PSR. Please designate Iowa PSR in the designation field as you work through the donation process.

Please help support Iowa PSR projects. If you wish, donations can be directly to Iowa PSR and be earmarked for specific projects including: Communication and Education (Newsletter, website and mail); SMART Security and Coalition Building; Student Affiliate of PSR; and General Programming and Office Support. If you are donating to a particular activity we welcome your suggestions regarding that activity.

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We greatly appreciate your support and friendship! For further information about donations please contact Iowa PSR. To become a member of PSR please visit our Membership page.